... and we didn't lie! 

Hey guys! 

Welcome back to round two of babes, bikinis, and blogging with B & E -- the forecast this week reads sunny with a chance of cheeky bottoms, are you ready? Because we can't wait to share what's in store! 

It's time to put those sweaters into bins, and stack them into forgetfulness because ladies, ladies, ladies... the color train is arriving at the station, fully decked out in the trends you'll be lusting over all summer. 

*Cue Swoon* 

If you haven't already noticed, PINK is IN and it's rising our thermometers in shades of velvet... AOW. Pink is everywhere and it's here to stay -- we've seen it in furniture, shoes, and most importantly (duh.) BIKINIS. 

If pink is your color, we've got your back(side)... in metallic, velvet, and double straps, OH MY!

As we all know though, a girl can never have enough pink. If you're like me, and fully committed to a Barbie-esque lifestyle, I have good news for us both. June will be sure to bring with it mischievous behavior and questionable decisions... however, we are thrilled to announce that in the next few weeks, Angelis NY will debut some HOT pink and red suits that will ensure no one is questioning your faulty choices... if you're getting into trouble, we'll make sure you look AND feel great while you do it! Cheers! 🥂

A few suits to match your cheeks - both sets of them. 😉 



Up next, on the opposite side of the color spectrum is every bad girl's favorite shade... Ice blue for our ice QUEENS. 

When the heat has you down & out for the count, sit pretty & know that the blues come and go with the seasons; on that note, check out some of our number one ways to match the sky. 

And if bikinis really aren't IT for you... we've got you (literally) cool and covered in our classic romper

Last but absolutely. not. least. - The trend rocking air waves and beach waves alike! 

We introduce to you the shirred. An iconic style beckoning the early 90's, this comeback will leave you feeling vintage A F, and ready to adventure your way into summertime fun.  

WHERE can you find this magic? We have a couple of red-hot ideas...         


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Tune in with us next week for the low-down on fashion, beauty, & Angelis NY.


B & E  

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