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A sweet & sunny welcome from us to you throughout our third week of babes, blogs, and bikinis with B & E! 

This week, with the weather as unpredictable as my cravings we thought we'd focus on bettering ourselves. Internal growth is vital to a happy and healthy life, but this week we want to focus on outer beauty. 

As young individuals, it's hard for us to keep up with our skincare routines. Between late nights studying or spent with friends, and early mornings trying to cram in as much sleep as possible, we tend to lose sight of what's important. 


Going to sleep wearing make up, or even without washing your face on a daily basis is comparable to waging a war against your skin. 

Ok. I know I sound a tad dramatic, but hear me out...

Clogging your pores is as easy as breathing. Not kidding. 

Even stepping outside to walk your dog will attract dirt into your pores, and it won't come out on its own, either. It's important to remember that leaving your face as a blank canvas at night will ensure a smoother routine in the morning! More than ever, people (even myself) find themselves more and more concerned about our bodily appearances, but while we're *Cue Fergie* up in the gym just workin' on our fitness, we also need to be toning up our faces right after to get all the salt and stale gym air out! A fit body should always highlight a glowy face. 😊

Personally, I recommend a face wash, oil based eye make up remover, (ripping out your eyelashes with rough wipes is never good) toner, and facial serums custom chosen per skin type. These products will be sure to leave you with soft, glowing skin, and what's better than that to accompany your tan?!

This week, while the weather balances between summery and stormy, unpack your skincare routine goodies and have yourself a girl's night in, R&R style. If you're looking for somewhere to store girly thangs (I like to keep mine separate from my make up case,) hop on over to the site for something like this. 


As a special treat, we have a limited supply of customized Angelis NY lip balms! I know personally, I NEVER put SPF on my lips, simply because I forget they need it! But, ladies, ladies, ladies, (and gentlemen...hehe) your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and need to be moisturized at all times to ensure *kissability* + health! 

With the purchase of any swimsuit, (top + bottom) lucky customers will receive a free SPF15 Coconut + Aloe lip balm while supplies last. 💛✨



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Tune in with us next week for the low-down on fashion, beauty, & Angelis NY.


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