Angelis NY welcomes you to our new Home Base!

Angelis NY welcomes you to our new Home Base!


Hello, all! 

I am so excited to announce that starting today, Angelis NY will have a weekly huddle to chat about new developments within the brand, the latest fashion trends, & last but not least, pop-culture news. I want to start by formally introducing the beauty, brains, & creativity behind the brand, Elisa Beth Gentile! (Or as you may know her, Eli.)

Eli is a self-proclaimed bikini enthusiast based in New York City. Known for her voracious collection of swimwear, Eli believes that no woman should have to wear the same swim suit twice, I mean, life is way too short, right?! During her junior year of college at Rutgers University, she decided to take the plunge and follow in the footsteps of her entrepreneurial father to open up her very own online clothing shop. In the months that followed, Angelis NY made its name known to the world through swimwear, clothing, and accessories; growing a considerable amount of loyal customers along the way! (We appreciate you. )

Angelis NY continued to prosper, and Eli realized it was time to personalize it a bit more. In the next coming months, she plans to Bring. Some. Heat. Shifting her focus to solely swimwear, Eli will be burning the midnight oil to launch a unique & inspired swim line. Somewhere along this gorgeous journey, a designer was born within her.

While she attends to creation, I’ll be here to update you on her progress and upcoming announcements! Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Bianca Collado or as you may know me, B. I’m a New York City native with a keen sense of style, an ingrained love for writing, & a watchful eye for fashion culture. As the most recent addition to the team, I’m going to be checking in weekly with you guys, doing product reviews, (Yay!!) answering any questions you may have, & keeping you up to date along with us! I hope you’re ready for a fun & wild ride… In the meantime though, be sure to check out some of the sassiest featured bikinis on MTV’s newest hit reality show, Ex On The Beach! 


B & E 

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