Waist Beads
Waist Beads
Waist Beads

Waist Beads

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Waist beads handmade from Kenya in support of an African, woman-owned business♡

Screw closure 
Color: vibrant baby pink


How to measure yourself for waist beads: 
  • Use a fabric measuring tape to measure the area where YOU would like the waist beads to fall/lay. (Be sure to use the inch side of the measuring tape)
  • Make sure you do not suck in your stomach, as it will result in a poor fit
  • Record your measurements!

why choose us?


because we get you. we know you want a different bikini that is still comfortable and functional. questions about size or fit? shoot us an email hello@angelisny.com


because we are a small, woman owned company. #shopsmall #girlpower.

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